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Shrug & Evening Bag

Shrugs have a notorius reputation for bad fit - too loose in the back and too tight across the chest. It's uncomfortable on humans and unsightly on dolls! To fight back, we’ve customized the shape for our fashion dolls. This fur trimmed shrug has a neat fit across the back and lots of room in the front for comfort! If you have not tried sideways knitting in the past, this project is a typical example and a good place to start. You will finish by adding fun furry stitches along the sleeve, neck and lower edges.

Doesn’t every girl, no matter how tall or small, deserve a fabulous faux fur trimmed silk evening bag? Say Qui! to this adorable tile print silk bag, trimmed with faux fur, to match her shapely shrug. You can print your own silk fabric on your inkjet printer or you can use our pattern and a fur combo of your own to make a personal fashion statement.
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